Square One Brewery & Distillery began operations as a brewery /restaurant in February of 2006. In August of 2008 Square One became the first microdistillery restaurants in the state of Missouri and one of the first in the country. We believe that our approach to the alcohol beverage program is unique and very different from that of other restaurants. We believe in crafting the products we serve whether it is spirits, beer or food. By combining the expertise of our distiller, our master brewer, and our chef we are committed to creating an amazing array of flavors and tastes for our customers.


At Square One Brewery & Distillery, we’re committed to craft and creativity


In our brewery service we serve a beer flight (4 – 6 ounce glasses) to allow our patrons to sample different beers in one sitting. We also do the same for our spirits with 4 one ounce tastes of any of our Spirits of St. Louis. We suggest that they add a drop of water to soften the spirit and let the bouquet of the spirit come forward.  After tempting the customers with the spirits samplers the fun begins because with spirits they key is the cocktail. We believe one of the keys to a great cocktail is quality fresh ingredients in our mixers so we make our own syrups in house, we use freshly squeezed juices when ever possible and are expanding our use of Agave Nectar to replace sugar where it makes sense. We have a separate menu of seasonally inspired cocktails that that is presented at each table to inspire customers when ordering cocktails.



To compliment the Spirits of St. Louis branded products we have a full service spirits bar as well.

Again, it is all about service, quality and great choices that make us a destination restaurant in St. Louis. We have a great wine list for a microbrewery.In our wine list the goal is to have a moderate size wine list showcasing many styles of wine both red and white. Every wine on our list is available by the glass or by the bottle.



Our emphasis for beer and spirits production is on small batches, quality ingredients, attention to detail and the creative use of ingredients. In our beers we use hops from both Europe and America along with traditional craft brewing methods to create a wide range of beers. Some of these beers, brewed true to style, even to the point of using original Czech hops specified in the Pilsner beers in Germany. For our India and American pale ale we use cascade, Amarillo, summit & Kent golden hops as the recipes require. After paying homage to the great beer styles of Germany, England and America we can not help but add our own twist by which we make certain styles our own. An example of this is our Spicy Blonde which is a delicate Belgian Ale spiced with ginger and lemongrass for a unique refreshing beer that is one of our best sellers. We carry a wide range of beers brewing up to 35 styles during the year. There are up to 13 beers on tap at the restaurant with our Main Stay house beers, seasonal selections and a cask contitioned ale.


We also think it is important to showcase and in a way educate our customers buy serving beers that are both filtered and unfiltered, tripels, imperials, kellers, exports, Belgians and cask conditioned. This helps them discover the complex breath of craft brewing available today.

We were awarded the best new cocktail of the year by a local magazine for our Beermosa which is one of our beers served with orange juice. It sounds strange but is uniquely refreshing.