Spirits of St. Louis Tastings

May 2017

Ever want to try our Spirits of St. Louis, but haven’t made it down to the restaurant?  We are offering special tastings and events throughout the area and all the way to Kansas City!  And we are moving into Illinois!  If you haven’t see it yet please visit our NEW Spirits of St. Louis website! www.SpiritsofStLouisDistillery.com Find out more about the tastings including maps!

Here’s what we have scheduled:

May 6 – The Wine Merchants, 1p-4p

May 12 – Fields Foods, 4:30m-6:30p

May 19 – Dean’s Liquor, Collinsville IL, 5p-8p

May 20 – Brown Derby International Wine, Springfield MO, 12p-3p

May 20 – Jugz Wines & Spirits, Joplin MO, 5p-7p

June 3 – Intoxicology, 1p-4p

June 24 – Shriners Wines, Spirits & Fine Foods, Aurora MO, 1p-4p