Below are the full descriptions of several of our mainstay or recurring seasonal house brewed beers.

Light Squared

This golden ale is a great bridge beer introducing our guests to the world of microbrewed beer. Don’t let its light color deceive you, this beer has great malt and hop complexity and is extremely refreshing and drinkable (even our hops come from three different countries)!


Bavarian Weizen

Our unfiltered wheat beer is a tribute to our Brew Master’s German Heritage. Our recipe is very light amber in color. The yeast is from southern Germany, and produces the clove spiciness and banana fruitiness.



This full bodied, dark golden ale is brewed with a larger proportion of hops and malt to give it a rich, malty taste and clean, bitter finish. Traditionally brewed to handle the long trip from England to India by sail and then steam, this beer is certain to please those looking for something a bit “bigger.”


Park Avenue Pale Ale

This copper colored ale is Square One’s version of of an Americanized Pale Ale. We use Cascade hops for flavor and aroma.


Dunkel Weizen

Wheat malt sweetness & chocolate malt roastiness are balanced with a subdued clove & banana flavor and aroma in this dark copper German classic.


Single Malt Scotch Ale

Our single malt Scotch Ale is truly a big beer! We use one variety of malt. It has a rich caramel and toffee fullness, balanced by a mild hop bitterness.



Our Helles beer (German for “Pale”) is true to the German style. It is dark gold in color with a balance between the malt sweetness & smooth hop bitterness.



This dark amber ale hailing from Belgium is unfiltered. With a mild fruitiness and clove spiciness similar to the Weizen, this beer is dryer with a tart finish.



Originating in the town of Plzen in the Czech Republic, within 4 years of its creation it was being brewed virtually world wide. Slow laagering at very cold temperatures produces this very drinkable Czech classic. We have attempted to stay very true to the style by using a strain of lager yeast from the Czech Republic, where our Saaz hops were harvested as well.


Nut Brown Ale

This ale is rich and well balanced with an emphasis on the five varieties of malt used to produce this British mainstay.



Originally brewed to celebrate the marriage of King Ludwig in 1810, this malty, amber lager is rich and smooth, with a great balance of malt and hops. Great for celebrating the crisp days of fall!


Pumpkin Ale

Actual pumpkin is used to create this malty, amber Ale. Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, it will remind you of pumpkin pie in a glass!



Brewed with yeast from Southern Germany, this unfiltered, medium bodied beer has a delicate clove and banana flavor and finishes with moderate alcohol warmth.



Most everyone has heard of this style, even if they haven’t tried it. Our version is a traditional dry Stout, found in the southern part of Ireland. It’s dark, drinkable and definitely true to style.


Barley Wine

Considered the Port Wine of the brewing world, this beer is assertive in every aspect. This matures and changes with time, offering a rich complexity, not usually associated with beer. Many commercial products are even vintage dated to help manage stock.


Imperial I.P.A.

The term “Imperial” comes from the 1700’s when English beers were brewed for the Russian Imperial Court. This beer uses our I.P.A. as a base, but kicks it up a few notches. An intense, citrus hop flavor & aroma is balanced with a toffee malt flavor and warming finish.



Flavor and aroma dominate in this ale. Our Porter has a large amount of toasted & caramelized malt, balanced with a refreshing hop finish. The Scots were right ~ “Beef steaks & Porter make good belly mortar!”


Imperial Stout

Starting with a /Dry Stout recipe as a base, our brewers “kicked it up” quite a bit. Very rich, dry, sharp and malty, with an almost dark coffee roasted flavor.


Double Red

This dark amber ale is our English version of an I.P.A.. We use all English hops which do not have the citrus character of our regular I.P.A. or our Imperial I.P.A.. This beer finishes with a nice, malty flavor.


Belgian Dubbel

This Belgian beer is a dark amber ale. With a chocolate-roasted malt character, it has a fruity finish reminiscent of dates and raisins.


Spicy Blonde

This delicate Belgian ale is spiced with ginger & lemongrass, making it a refreshing thirst quencher or an excellent dessert!


Double Pilsner

This dark gold lager was brewed with twice the malt & hops of our original Pilsner. The result? an Imperial-style Pilsner with a full-bodied, rich hoppy finish.


Belgian Tripel:

Our tribute to Belgian brewing history, our tripel has a complex fruitiness with a buttery finish like a fine chardonnay. This beer transcends all definitions of the Belgian style!



Our Keller is an unfiltered Helles, brewed in the Munich-style. This lager has a smooth malt taste with a slightly hoppy finish.


Smoked Porter

Before there was Stout, there was Porter, the world’s first mass-produced beer. Our version is robust in character with a well balanced, toasted rich malt character and spicy hop bitterness. In the aroma and finish is just a hint of sweet smokiness.


English Mild

This beer starts nearly identical to our Nut Brown Ale, however we designed it to resemble the great, draught, pub beers of England. Dark brown in color, with a malt character resembling bitter chocolate and a hint of raisins, this very lightly hopped beer is low enough in alcohol to be enjoyed in a true British “session.”



This dark amber lager beer has a rich, toasted malt character balanced with a slight amount of toffee in the finish. Hop bitterness is rounded off with alcohol warmth. Approximately 8.7% by volume.